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The Rainy Season In Bangladesh.

By: Masud Rana. July 05, 2012.

Bangladesh is the country of seasonal variation. There are six season in the country. Each season consists of two month. Each season has its own beauty and feature. We hear new sounds and enjoy new scene in each season. In other countries of the world, there is no seasonal variation like Bangladesh and does not find six season. In Bangladesh, climate is so good and the weather is suitable for living. Each season comes with new sounds, scenes and beauty.

The Rains: After the horrible summer season, the rainy season comes. Ashar and Srabon (The Bengali Month) are the month of rainy season. In fact rain sets in Bangladesh in the middle of June and lasts up to the middle of September. It is the most popular to people because people have sigh of relief from excessive heat. People welcome the rainy season heartily.

Rainy Season, Bangladesh.

The sky is overcast with clouds and the sun cannot be seen for clouds. The sun shines hotly in the summer. Ponds, Lakes and canals get dried. There is scarcity of water. People want to get rains. And the rain sets in at last. People have a sigh of relief. The sun can hardly be seen. The rivers are full to the brim. The earth and the roads are wet and muddy. People cannot move easily.

Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Her economy and prosperity depend on agriculture. Again agriculture depends on the mercy of nature that is rain. If there is sufficient rain, the joys of farmers know no bound. They plough their lands and sow seed in time. The farmers cannot reap a good harvest if it does not rain in time. Without rain water jute and paddy cannot grow. Without rain water agriculture is lifeless. Rain water washes away the filth and clears the atmosphere.

Nature In Rainy Season, Bangladesh.

The average annual rainfall varies from a maximum of 5,690 mm in the northeast of the country to minimum of 1,110 mm in the west. There is no unmixed blessing on earth. The rainy season has some demerits too. Sometimes it rains heavily for days together. As a result the overflow their banks and cause flood which brings about untold sorrows, sufferings and miseries. There is water everywhere.
Roads become muddy. Due to incessant rains people cannot go out. Normal course of life is stopped. People are to use umbrellas and move by boats. Students cannot go to schools and colleges. Different diseases like malaria, diarrhea and dysentery break out in the epidemic form and carry away heavy tolls of human life for occasional flood. The life of the poor and the working class become difficult. Snakes also come out in the season, bite people and cause death.

The rainy season is the most important and useful of all the season in Bangladesh. Agriculture which is the life of economy depends on the rains. Personally I like rainy season. I love to see rainfall in rainy season. It's really beautiful to see the rain.

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